10 English Words With The Funniest Meanings Ever

As we all know, English is a very funny language. It consists of words and phrases sometimes so weird and funny...it actually makes us think, really? Is this really English?

We have hence surely come across words with hilarious pronunciations as well but have we come across words with humorous meanings? We bet you haven’t!


So here are some funny words that have the weirdest meanings ever!


  1. Zoanthropy

Meaning: A form of madness involving the delusion of being an animal, with correspondingly altered behavior.


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2. Erinaceous

Meaning: Of or pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog.

So we all have a new being to compare our monkey friends with: A hedgehog!

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  1. Spanghew

Meaning: To throw violently into the air; especially to throw a frog into the air from the end of a stick.

Are you guys serious? Flinging an actual frog? They’ve got to be kidding please!

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  1. Poltophagy
    Meaning: Thorough chewing of food until it becomes like porridge.
    So guys, no need of cooking porridges, just keep chewing like that star cow you’ve always heard of, spit it off and you’re good to go!
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  1. Mytacism
    Meaning: Excessive or wrong use of the sound of the letter m.

Okay, so who really cares about the wrong sound use of the letter m? Why such word meanings, English? Why?

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  1. Merdivorous

Meaning: Dung eating

We can’t understand why would one want to eat dung, like seriously?

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  1. Idiolalla

Meaning: A crazy condition, in which the victim makes up his own language.        

Yes, we understand tension and anxiety can cause you to say crap, but making up your own language? Man, we cannot stop laughing at this one!

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  1. Misopedia

Meaning: A hatred of children, especially their own.

It’s alright to have children when you like them..but a person who already hates children has kids and then even hates their own on top of it, funny!

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  1. Vigesimation

Meaning: The act of killing every twentieth person.

So there are people as crazy as these too in the world? Killing every twentieth individual? Should we be scared?

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  1. Strikhedonia

Meaning: The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”.

Say what? So now there’s pleasure in that too. Wow!

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  1. Jumentous

Meaning: Of, relating to, or smelling like horse urine.

Ew! Why does the English language need to have a word for this one is something we’d never get. Uh.

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