10 days in India triggered my passion for traveling and photography

I was born in the U.K. My first trip to India was for a week when I was 6. My parents ran a small retail business in the U.K, so whenever they would visit India I looked after the business. Which meant I missed out on going to India for 28 years. At the age of 34, I went to India for a 10 day trip and fell in love with this country. That’s when I found my passion - photographing my journey. A conversation with a stranger changed it all I’d always been the one at school with the camera. My uncle was a photographer and he had his own dark room. I always carried a camera, clicked a few photos and got them developed in his dark room. But before all of this, I was a failure. I had failed university, done odd jobs in my late 20s figuring out how I was going to pay for my student loan along with other loans racking up to nearly 20k pounds. But that did not deter my passion to travel. I put a few hundred pounds aside to go Barcelona to watch my first Formula 1 race. During the race day, I sat next to a car dealer for Renault who owned some showrooms back in the U.K. We got talking and he offered me a job once I got back. I never thought I’d be any good at it. But I never knew selling cars would change my life. Selling cars…..I aced it! After 7 months I was at the top of my game and was offered a job by Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Even though Audi wasn’t popular in 2003 I joined the brand and topped the sales tables within two years. Ferrari offered me the next job. I couldn’t believe my luck. I get to work for Ferrari. I joined the company for two years, but I wasn’t making the money I did at Audi. So I left Ferrari and rejoined Audi and regained the top sales status in London. By the end of 2008 I had paid all my student loans and other debts and actually had spare cash. After paying off my debts and seeing a glimpse of India, I decided to invest in a DSLR. So I started taking pictures around London, experimenting in long exposures and learning online. Here, There, Everywhere! I kind of vowed to myself that if I continued working at Audi at this continued success rate, I’d quit for some time and travel to India capturing what I see. In 2010, much to my boss’s regret I handed my notice in at Audi and told them I’m going to travel for 3 months in India and a month in Australia. I ended up going twice, spending 8 months as I met some amazing people who convinced me to go trekking in Nepal. I had the time of my life in Nepal and captured some of my favorite pictures with one coming in the top 5 NatGeo Traveler Magazine Amateur Contest 2012. From there I went to Thailand for 3 months to learn the local boxing technique called Muay. My boss at Audi was amazing, he took me back straight away. I then saved again and 2 years later went away again. This time for 9 months covering India, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. Traveling became an addiction, I loved being a free spirit more than anything. I returned yet again to Audi and had the craziest sales figures ever from 2013-2015. I said to myself why not do it again!  And so it started again. This year I started in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, where I met my future wife and finally India. My ten day trip to India started it all. My passion to photograph travel. That trip was the trigger for me to see more of Asia and capture what I can. So I can show my friends and family what’s out there. I want everyone to at least try doing the same. Leave your job and experience life without all the day-to-day normality we all have. That feeling! No words can define that feeling.