10 bizarre thoughts that came to our mind when someone said “We need to talk”

“We need to talk”, isn’t that the deadliest phrase ever?

Whenever a person said that to you, tell us you were about to shit in your pants ‘cause boy, we don’t even know what might come next! We’ve all had days where someone or the other has come down to us and said this line and we simply could not stop thinking about the whirlwind that was supposed to come ahead of us! We would just think about what we’d done wrong or was it going to be sadder than the last time we heard of the phrase from someone.

Hyped or overhyped analogies that generally play in our head, here we present to you the 10 ideal situations that come to our mind when we hear the deadly “We need to talk”..

  1.  Oh my god! Is she pregnant?!
    source - giphy.com

  2. My boss knows about that butt sticker I put on him yesterday! Damn!
    source - thebrunettediaries.com

  3. Oh lord! Maybe she knows I put crap in her food so she got diarrhea!
    source - foodchannel.com

  4. Daddy found me hard last night, f*ck!
    source - weheartit.com

  5. Holy Shit! I think they smelled my fart!
    source - quickmeme.com

  6. F*uck, he found out I slept with his best friend!
    souurce - memecentre.com

  7. He’s so cute, maybe he will ask me to treat him with a kiss now!
    source - youtube.com

  8. No! They found about my porn stack in the computer lab!
    source - youtube.com

  9. Shit, they know I’ve been stealing food from the second floor canteen!
    source - zerohedge.com

  10. Oh crap! Mom can see my hickeys?!
    source - cyberspaceandtime.com


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